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Cant turn .NET on

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Hello,I want to learn .net programming so i've got frameworks working now and IIS.The one problem now is that ASP.NET isn't marked under Application Development Features.(Programs and Features>Windows Features On/Off>World Wide Web Services>Application Development Features)When i try to check it and press ok it says it cannot install some components, after checking it myself it doesn't seem to install any.Can anybody help me out with getting this working so I can start coding already, or is there any other way to run ASP?Greetings,Stephan

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I'm using Windows 7 too. Of course .NET Framework can be turn on from Windows Features On/Off but if some error happen, you can try to download the redistributable package of .NET Framework from Microsoft.com. Just download version 3.5 and 4.0. 3.5 contain full distribution of 2.0 and 3.0.If the error involving IIS, it mean that your installation sources is missing something. IIS come with Windows installation so you may have to repair your system or in worst case you have to reformat your system.One more thing, if post this thread in .NET forum room, I think you will get more help. This is ASP forum room.Happy learning. :)

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