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Convert database value to integer ?

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This works when the varPostcode is even or odd, but when I change (1235) to a value from my database (rsTest.Fields.Item("Postcode").Value), it doesn't work anymore. I tried it with CInt, but also no result. Postcode is as "text" in the db.

<%varPostcode=(1235)Call OddEvenNumber(varPostcode)Sub OddEvenNumber(iNumber)If iNumber MOD 2 = 0 ThenResponse.write ("EVEN")ElseResponse.write ("ODD")End IfEnd Sub%>

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I'd try it. It works fine.

Dim NumValNumVal = Int([i]from database[/i])If Not isNumeric(NumVal) ThenResponse.Write "Not a set of number."ElseResponse.Write "A set of number is processed." ' This line is returned in my browser. Please check your script and database once again.End If

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