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Deleting across M:M related tables


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Hey everyone, I am trying to delete across 3 tables without affecting the reliability of the data, but am having a tough time figuring out how. I'm sure there is a standard way of doing this with SQL or the application code (PHP in my case). Here is a short description of my tables:Candidate_table - id_candidate - namePosition_table - id_position - titleRelationship_table - id_position - id_candidate I want to delete the position, and all of the candidates associated with that position. Deleting the Position rows and the Relationship rows are easy:DELETE FROM Position_table WHERE id_position = $id_positionDELETE FROM Relationship_table WHERE id_position = $id_positionBut what is the easiest way to delete the correct candidate from the Candidate_table with only the id_position? For instance, I don't want to delete the candidate if they are assigned to more than one position. Having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Any help would be appreciated.

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