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Is ASP.NET a superset of ASP? Yes.There is no line to draw between ASP.NET and VB. The platform is ASP.NET and VB is one language that runs on that platform. C# for example is another (IMHO superier) language that can run on ASP.NET."VB.NET" is just another way to describe "VB running on the .NET framework", because historically, VB has existed as a desktop application language before the .NET framework and ASP.NET were introduced. Nowadays, VB.NET is the most popular flavor of VB, so there's no reason to put the ".NET" in unless you explicitly need to name one or the other.VBScript is a subset of VB that is one language running on the ASP platform and IE, alongside JScript (Microsoft's JavaScript/ECMAScript engine). Many developers would say that it's dead, but I've never been a fan nor tracked its usage, so I can't say for sure. The .NET framework is surely the future when compared to VBScript though, so if VBScript is not dead yet, it doesn't hurt if you think of it as if it is.

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