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Set current folder name as a variable?

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Hi,A site I'm developing will have new folders added regularly. Each folder represents a category. I'd like to use the same template file in each new folder. To save editing the template with the category name each time, I'd like to create a variable which takes the category name from the folder name:myurl/category1/mytemplate.asp > variable = "category1"myurl/category2/mytemplate.asp > variable = "category2"myurl/category3/mytemplate.asp > variable = "category3"Any suggestions gratefully received.Thanks. :)

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You can use a combination of dirname and basename:$dir = basename(dirname($file));Hold on, that was for PHP.If you're using VBScript you'll probably have to get the position of the last slash, remove everything after it (including the slash), then get the position of the new last slash, and return everything after that. So you would strip off the filename and slash, then find the position of the last slash and get everything after it. You can also use split to break the string up in an array, and then get the second to last element in the array:http://www.w3schools.com/VBscript/func_split.aspJavascript would be similar, Javascript has a split method for strings that will split the string up the same way:

var file = 'myurl/category1/mytemplate.asp';var chunks = file.split('/');var dir = chunks[chunks.length-2];

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Found an easy way to do what I wanted<%Dim fs,fo,catSet fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")Set fo=fs.GetFolder(server.MapPath("."))cat=fo.nameset fo=nothingset fs=nothing%>Tested and seems to work. <%=cat%> produces the current folder name.Does anyone think the above code could create unknown problems?Thanks

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