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Hi,I am having trouble in passing < symbol as a command line argument. I have to pass file name after that < symbol from which my program will take the input.but when i pass this and print all the command line paramters in the main function it does not print < than sign and any argument that is written after that.....But when i pass the arguments using netbeans IDE by setting the project properties it works perfectly.here is the command i am using to run the program....java EightPuzzle -s BreadthFirst < file_that_takes_14_moves_to_solvethe file name "file_that_takes_14_moves_to_solve" and < than symbol is not printed when i pass it through command line.... but it does when i pass it through netbeans by setting the project properties......any help will be highly appreciated.Regards

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Try putting the arguments in double quotes, i.e.

java EightPuzzle -s BreadthFirst "< file_that_takes_14_moves_to_solve"

Otherwise, the < sign is interpreted by the shell to mean "take the contents of file_that_takes_14_moves_to_solve and send it to the program's standard input"

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