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Can xml read from the folder?

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Dear forum,I want to start a website of my own portfolio and placing free graphics for visitors. The problem is that i will need to create a gallary for that. I thought that i should create a gallery with the flash.But then i will have to update the images manually everytime i want to add something to my portfolio. I read that it is possible with the xml that the images are mentioned in it and flash retreives the images info from xml. But is that possible that I actually put the images in a folder and xml automatically reads the images from the folder?So that i dont have to write the images name one by one in xml file.?I have read that it is possible with php but is it possible with xml only??if not then i will have to learn php too with xml. I dont know both at the moment but i do have a programming background of Java.Thank you! I appreciate some help on the topic.

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xml will not be able to list out from your directories. xml is for storing and representing data it cant manupulate data on its own. you need some server side language eg.php to check any directory and list out what it contains (eg image) and manupulate an xml or html document

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