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Parse error - help needed


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hiim creating an online mafia game using php and mysql and im not sure how to perform this code

<?$username = $_SESSION["username"];$query_general ="SELECT * FROM users WHERE username ='$username'";$object_general = mysql_fetch_object(mysql_query($query_general));$points=$object_general->points;if($_POST[crime] == 1 && $points >= '0'){echo"<center> Success! <br> You set up your stool and went un noticed for the whole day. <br> You earned a nice sum of £ $crime1 </center>";}else{ echo"<center> Failure! <br> If you cant do that crime you might as well suicide now</center>";} if ($result == 'true' "$gold"+"$crime1") ?>

the error is

 if ($result == 'true' "$gold"+"$crime1")

i need the code to add money ($crime1) to the money on their user area ($gold) if they succeed in the crime and also add points to their user ($points)can somebody please help me with this? i can elaberate more if neededthanks

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Addition is pretty much straight forward, it will just add two numbers, but we have to check if it goes inside the if loop... check for the value of $result and see if its "true"... I dont see anyother problem if its a normal sum of two numbers.

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