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How to suppress <?xml version = '1.0'?> in XML file generation thru PLSQL?

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Hi,I am using 1. dbms_xmlgen.newContext to get the information from table.2. After that I am using dbms_lob.createtemporary3. Then I am using dbms_xmlgen.getXml4. Finally I am using dbms_xmlgen.closecontextI am using the above four steps to repatedly taking records from different tables.My requirement is : Each and every time I am getting the <?xml version = '1.0'?>.How to suppress <?xml version = '1.0'?> ?Regards

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Is that in .NET or what?From what classes are those methods? If they're custom, can you show their source?There is typically a way to serialize the content with the XML prolog being removed, but it's different in every API, so I can't tell you for sure how it's in your case.

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