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1. My question is to create a java program tat will read a java file as input.2. In the inputed java file , have find how many different class available and print the number of class3.Print all class names4.in each class identify how many methods or functions declared inside and print how many methods in one single class and repeat this for all class and print the number of lines in one single class in the inputed java file5. Then print total number of lines in the inputed java file.What I did reading the file and counting all lines in inputed java file .But my code is not searching for the class name and method name and its number and number of lines in one single class, rather it sees the base program

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although we are to help, we are not here to do others' homework. perhaps if you at least posted some code as a sign of good faith, you might get some more help.edit: also, there is no reason to double post.http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=37152not too many members participate in this particular sub-forum, so my advice would be to be patient and eventually someone will come along and help.

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