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pass an email address so it's not capturable?


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Hi,[Edited for clarity]I want to pass email addresses between pages so they can't be captured by bots. Page1 has people's names within paragraph texts and imagemaps. I'd like users to be able to click on the name, taking them to a form (page2) to send that person an email.examplepage1:Paragraph of text mentioning <link>Jim</link> and why you should contact him, next to image with a part of the image linked the same way.More paragraphs mentioning other people.page2:<h3>Contact Jim</h3> (Jim's name is also passed from page1.)Contact Form<Submit> sends email to JimI've looked at session variables, query strings and using "sName = Context.Items("UserName").ToString". That last one seems only usable with aspx. I'm not up with aspx, have limited understanding of vb and want to avoid js.All suggestions gratefully received.Thanks

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