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Class not working in Firefox

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I've set two different classes for my links. It works in Chrome and IE, but not Firefox.The css is:

a.one:link,a:visited{display:inline-block;font-weight:bold;color:#FFFFFF;background-color:#787A00;width:105px;vertical-align: center;text-align:center;padding:4px;text-decoration:none;border-left:5px solid #4B4B38;}a.one:hover,a:active{background-color:#4B4B38;border-left:5px solid #787A00;}a.two:link,a:visited{display:inline-block;font-weight:bold;color:#FFFFFF;background-color:#787A00;width:116px;text-align:center;padding:0px;text-decoration:none;border-left:5px solid #5C5E00;}a.two:hover,a:active{background-color:#4B4B38;border-left:5px solid #66664F;}

the width and padding for a.one are replaced the the width and padding of a.two

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Because you need to add the class name to the a:active and a:visited pseudo classes, when you click these anchors it will search for the last relative css styling, which would be.a.two:link,a:visited{display:inline-block;font-weight:bold;color:#FFFFFF;background-color:#787A00;width:116px;text-align:center;padding:0px;text-decoration:none;border-left:5px solid #5C5E00;}a.two:hover,a:active{background-color:#4B4B38;border-left:5px solid #66664F;}changing toa.one:link,a.one:visited{...}a.one:hover,a.one:active{...}a.two:link,a.two:visited{...}a.two:hover,a.two:active{...}should fix this problem.Also FF for security reasons, will/has prevented the changing of stying for visited links (mainly images), except for basic styling (text color, underline, borders), to prevent hackers identifying which sites users have visited.

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