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My problem is I have added disclaimer underneath table but the numbers are not appearing against disclaimer. eg. if for any content I m giving it as number 1 same should appear for disclaimer. I m using Vignette for sit creation along with cocoon framework. Plz help. :) And if u get the point kindly tell which test condition I can write in XSL.

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I think I know what your trying to do,XML

<page><content><para>hi</para><para number="1">this site is copyrighted...</para></content></page>

XSL (only the part that will do this)

<xsl:for-each select="page/content/para"/>  <xsl:choose>   <xsl:when test="@number=1">    <div style="position:absolute;top:800px;">     <xsl:value-of select="."/>    </div>   </xsl:when>   <xsl:otherwise>    anything here   </xsl:otherwise>  </xsl:choose></xsl:for-each>

that should do it. you'll probably want to change the style of the copywrite (div) though.LG

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