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Multiple image backgrounds

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Hi. I received an email today from site point extolling virtues of multibackgounds so I thought I'd give it a try. I copied the code and using localhost I could only view one image. (used IE9), so I then tried, firefox, google chrome, opera, and safari, again only one image, yet the site points example functioned. So, I copied their code, changed images to mine (yes the url was correct), still nothing, so.... I posted my page online and viewed it that way and yep, it worked. My question is, what am I missing, why can I view multiple image backgtounds if browsing online but cant if using localhost off line? That quirk seemd to be relevant to al browsers listed above. What am I missing? ... for interest here is their code

 <style>			html {				background-image:url(diagonal-gradient.png), url(53-a.png),url(37-a.png), url(29-a.png);				background-size:  100% 100%, auto, auto, auto;				padding:0;margin:0;				height: 100%;			}		   		</style>

Firefox didnt like the 'background-size' but it still displayed the result but only online. Is off-line testing maybe run in quirk-mode by the browsers? (I call localhost via visual studio 2008)I'd appreciate a bit of education. THanks

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One of the images must be overlapping the rest.Try setting background-repeat to make sure they don't repeat and block the others from view.Is background-size a new CSS3 property?Edit: This only happens when viewing offline? Are you using identical code in both places?

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