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Help with Javascript, Browser Detection and how to use it?


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Hey guys,Long time reader (and learner), first time poster here.I'm definiately a noob when it comes to web page development, but I'm currently putting something nifty together for a school project, and I need some help, specifically re: browser detection and how to use this. What I'm wanting to do is this:- User visits webpage- Script detects browser- If browser is firefox, deploy/use code A- Else if browser is safari, deploy/use code B- Else if browser is IE, deploy/use code C- Browser loads browser-specific codeI would really really appreciate any help I can get here from anyone! Thank you in advance Ben

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There is almost always a better solution than browser detection. Please explain the problem you are trying to solve.
Well, a small part of my code causes my page to only run correctly on Safari and Chrome, however if I alter this ever so slightly the page will display correctly on Firefox.

will display my page properly on Firefox, whereas


will display my page correctly on Safari and Chrome. So, I want to be able to run each piece of code based on the browser used to visit the site.Thanks heaps Ben

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