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Hey guys,I'm having a bit of trouble working out how to successfully code the following:When image 'A' is clicked, image 'B' appears. Then when image 'B' is clicked, image 'A' appears again.In the code below, when 'Button.png' is clicked, 'Button2.png' appears. Then I need it so that when 'Button2.png' is clicked 'Button.png' appears. As you can appreciate, I'm pretty new to this stuff!

<head><script type="text/javascript">function change(id){	 ID = document.getElementById(id);		 if(ID.style.display == "")		  ID.style.display = "none";	 else		  ID.style.display = "";	  }</script></head><body><table width="217" align="center">  <tr>	<td title="Show/Hide" style="cursor: hand" class="tbl" width="172" height="25">» <strong>Test </strong></td>	<td title="Show/Hide" onclick="change(1), change(2), change(3), change(4)" style="cursor: hand" class="tbl" width="33"> <div align="center"><img src="Button.png" name="arrow" width="26" height="27" onClick="document.images['arrow'].src='Button2.png'"/></div></td>

Thanks :)

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