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JavaScript, Positioned Elements and the DOM Tree

Zaper Gallis

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Ok, I'm trying to get a script to pause when i click on the element, and unpause when you mouse out. And, of course, the issue is the child elements trigger the mouse out event. I found a way to "climb" the DOM tree and find if the mouse has actually moved out side the element (a table), and that works fine. In on of the TD tags of that table is a custom scroll bar with 2 images that need to overlap each other. Now comes the issue: When you move the mouse from the display to the scroll bar, or from one image on the scroll bar to the other, or off the scroll bar, it skips the table. In other words instead of going threw the dome tree as image-div-TD-inner table Table-TD-outer table-BODY-HTML it skips the tables and goes image-BODY-HTMLHow can i get the images to overlap and still stay in the proper DOM flow?

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