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Creating column names from row values

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Hey all, I've been tasked with cleaning up a query due to the delay we are getting with the results. My question is, how do I create a select statement which will return row values as column names?For example:Here is how the table is currently configured. Sorry it looks so jacked up, the column names are in brackets, with the corresponding rows below.[id_problem] [node_name] [node_value]2----------------urgency--------Whenever2------------------name-------A. Aaronson 2-----------------phone---------555-5555I would my select statement to return something like this:[id_problem]------[urgency]-------[name]-----------[phone]2------------------Whenever------A.Aaronson--------555-5555Any help would be appreciated, thanks.JW

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I am not sure about row value as column name. But it seems you need to use self join here...if i am not missunderstanding

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