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Best way to write this query ?

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Hello,I have a form that has some options for the user (e.x, color,size and price). For every one the user can select a specific value from a menu OR select ALL (e.x: COLOR : ALL,RED,BLUE,BLACK).Now, I have one SELECT query that looks similar to (SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE COLOR='$COLOR' AND SIZE='$SIZE' AND PRICE='$PRICE':)BUT, if for one of the options, the user selects the value "ALL". This will effect the query and return null.Is there some thing in the query that i can change to ignore that specific option if the value is ALL ?The only in hand solution i can think of now is to make an IF statements for every scenario with a separate query for each one. But this will take for ever as i have more options that mentioned.UPDATE :I found one solution by replacing ALL with '%' and than use LIKE '%' instead of the equal sign.If anyone has another suggestion please post it.Thank you

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You can prepare the sql in php. You can remove the condition of color(eg COLOR='$COLOR') if user select 'all' ...else add the where clause.

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