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I am coming across an issue where the results of this tag are being truncated. In the dump of the results, the status.groups value is limited to 66 characters. Is this a windows of coldfusion issue? <cfntauthenticate username="#arguments.uname#" password="#arguments.pword#" domain="#arguments.domain#" result="status" listgroups="yes" throwonerror="no" />Anyone ever see this?

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<cfscript>objNTAuth = createObject("java", "jrun.security.NTAuth");objNTAuth.init(arguments.domain);objNTAuth.authenticateUser(arguments.uname,arguments.pword);request.status = objNTAuth.GetUserGroups(arguments.uname);result = "pass";</cfscript>

Turns out, when I try it with straight Java, I get the same results. So, my issue is not what I thought it was but rather a network services staff member changing things around without my knowledge. The results I was coding for here was no longer being returned due to the changes the staff member made in Active Directory. Brilliant!

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