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How to use access database from another hosting?


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It's possible, but in a hosting environment that you don't control, the technical requirements to make it possible are not likely going to be permitted.Having said that, one question I would ask is if the second site needs the database from the first site in real time? If not, how often would it need to be updated. The solution here would be to FTP the database from Site A to Site B on a regular schedule - of course, you would code your site to make sure all database connectivity was disabled during that time. This is not pretty, but its an option.Alternately, you could build a series of web services that synchronizes your data between the the two sites. Again, you can do this in real time or have it a scheduled task. Without know how much traffic and data we're talking about, I couldn't tell you whether this route is feasible either - but its a step up (at the very least) from the first solution.Does that help?By the way, unless there is an offline need/use for the data to be stored in MS Access, you should really migrate the data to something more appropriate for web use - like MS SQL or MySQL.

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