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I was downloading net beans the other day and the installation was not able to continue because i has installed in my PC the JDK.WHat is this JDK and what is its use?Probably JDK means, Java Development Kit.

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Yes, JDK mean Java Development Kit. You need to install this and the JRE-- Java Runtime Environment-- In order to develop java applications. I don't know much about net beans but I wouldn't think an error would because because you do have JDK installed. What exactly does the error say?

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To compile and run your java programs you need to download and install JDK(Java Development Kit).It contains all the tools necessary to execute your java program.JDK contains java tools such as Java Compiler(javac) and all the other important files that are requiired such as rt.jar etc.It also contains JRE(Java Run time enviorment) which is responsible for Platform Independency.So download JDK and install it on your machine.http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/jav...oads/index.htmlAfter downloading you have to set paths of Environment variables.This is Path setting in java[/font]

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