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Does a frame always need a src=?

Guest gehang

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Guest gehang

I hate that frames have to have their source set as another web page. Or maybe i'm just doing it wrong. For instance why can't I do:<html><frameset bgcolor="#d0d0d0" col="50,100%" frameborder=1><frame name="left" marginheight="0" noresize><BR>This is going to be my menu<BR>Link1 (open in frame rght)<BR>Link2 (open in frame rght)<frame name="right" scrolling="auto" noresize><BR>This is going to be my content area</frameset></html>Why do I need to create two more files with the links and for the content area to be placed as holders and pointed to via the frame source tags. Why can't I write directly to a frame I just created. Obviouslly the answer is becuase you can't, html wasn't written that way.. But I was wondering if there is some workaround. Am I just coding my frames wrong? Is there some sort of code which I could create a frames lookalike maybe using tables? Do table data cells have scroll bars?Hopefully you can see what I mean, any advice would be much appricated, They really should make frames more flexible. Esp. when useing php or something you don't always know what's going to be in a frame when you create it. Maybe you want to dynamiclly update the code inside a frame. Thanks,Gehan G.Gehang@yahoo.com

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