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Converting a string to number

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Okay I am working on a game and in my database there's accounts and there characters under each account. I use the Acc field to link that character with the id of an account. The problem is when creating a new character. The Acc field is a number field. And the ID variable (which is placed into the Acc field) is a string. I know this is got to be the problem because when I troubleshooted I tested ID=1 and that worked. But this has to work for everyone. So I need to know a function that converts a string to a number. After searching on the internet I found CInt but it didn't seem to work. I am using an access database. Here is my code

<%set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") conn.provider="Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"conn.open "D:\Hosting\5230803\html\access_db\DragonKwest.mdb"name=Request.Querystring("name")race=Request.Querystring("race")gender=Request.Querystring("gender")stringID=Request.cookies("ID")ID=CInt(stringID)sql="INSERT INTO Characters ([Name],[Acc],Race,[Turns],[Gold],[lvl],Gender,[HP],Hitpoints,[num_of_kills],[Portrait],"sql=sql & "expierence,[XP],energypoints,[EP],att1,att2,[STR],[RAN],[H2H],[MGR],[DODGE],[PARRY],[ARMOUR],lsp,"sql=sql & "[equipaccessory],[Date_Registered],[last-logged],[equipbow],[equipsword])" sql=sql & " VALUES "sql=sql & "('" & name & "'," & ID & ",'" & race & "',50,200,1,'" & gender & "',25,25,0,'elf-male.png',"sql=sql & "0,20,10,10,'Strong Shot','Broad Attack',18,93,60,38,83,55,0,'dragoth/tutorial.asp',"sql=sql & "'empty',#" & NOW() & "#,#" & NOW() & "#,'empty','empty')"response.write sqlconn.Execute sqlif err<>0 then  for each objErr in objConn.Errors  response.write("<p>")  response.write("Description: ")  response.write(objErr.Description & "<br />")  response.write("Help context: ")  response.write(objErr.HelpContext & "<br />")  response.write("Help file: ")  response.write(objErr.HelpFile & "<br />")  response.write("Native error: ")  response.write(objErr.NativeError & "<br />")  response.write("Error number: ")  response.write(objErr.Number & "<br />")  response.write("Error source: ")  response.write(objErr.Source & "<br />")  response.write("SQL state: ")  response.write(objErr.SQLState & "<br />")  response.write("</p>")  nextelse  Response.redirect("account.asp")end ifconn.close%>

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