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Parse XQuery for Predicates -- help! :(


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Hi all,I am new to XML and XQuery. I would like to extract the predicates from a given Xquery. Is there any parser that would parse the XQuery and return me the predicates in it. Or any other approach that would help me do that?. For example, XQuery: for $x in distinct-values(//factdoc/fact/dimension[@dim-id=Part]/@value), $y in //dimensions/Level[@id=Part]/instance $z in //dimensions[@dim_id=Customer]/Level[@id=Nation]/instance let $q := sum(//factdoc/fact[dimension[@dim-id=Part]/@value=$y/@id]/measure[@mes-id=f_quantity]/@value) where $y/attribute[@id=p_retailprice]/@value <= 1000 and $z/attribute[@id=n_name]/@value='FRANCE' Predicates as Output:p_retailprice <=1000n_name=FRANCE (or)return the statements which contain the predicates like, where $y/attribute[@id=p_retailprice]/@value and $z/attribute[@id=n_name]/@value='FRANCE'Thanks,SriHari

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