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Link XML in another XML (Similiar to Import XML to another XML)


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Hi All,I have a flash guage which gets its values from a XML file, the value shown on the guage is constantly changing so i need to map an excel worksheet to the XML. Trouble is i need to split the XML up: see below:Complete XML File:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Chart type="gauges" subtype="dial"> <visual> <chartbackground type="plain" color="0xffffff" opacity="25"/> <gauge xoffset="0" yoffset="0" radius="0" colors="0xffffff,0x000000" opacities="100,100" dropshadow="false"/> <dial colors="0x003366,0x333333" opacities="100,100" needlestyle="plastic" /> <chartzones lengths="5,3,2" colors="0x66ff33,0xffcc00,0xff0000" opacities="50,20,10"/> <charttitle visible="true" text="Amps" font="Arial" bold="True" italic="false" underline="false" kerning="false" size="20" color="0x999999" align="center"/> <chartsubtitle visible="true" text="Aurora Stadium\nSite Amperage" font="Arial" bold="True" italic="false" underline="false" kerning="false" size="12" color="0x6699CC" align="center"/> <xaxisticklabel font="Calibri" bold="True" italic="false" underline="false" kerning="false" size="12" color="0xcccccc"/> </visual> <datatable comment="Min, Max, Current Value and the Title is all needed"> <row> <col alt="reserved"/> <col alt="min">0</col> <col alt="max">20</col> <col alt="value">33</col> Instead of this maybe <xi:include href="guagevalue.xml"/> </row> </datatable></chart>There are a couple of options the way i can do it. One is to include a link in the file to guagedata.xml, this would be the preferred option, otherwise i could link in a txt file, the text file could have the value in it only. ie <xi:include href="guagedata.txt" parse="text"/> - though i cannot get this one working?Can anybody assist. It would be greatly appreciated!CheersNick from Aus

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