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Multiple SQL Statements

Guest pacmann

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Guest pacmann

Hello Experts! I'm wondering if someone is willing to help me out. I went through the SQL tutorial at w3schools.com, but was still not able to resolve my problem. I'm trying to work through "multiple-level" SQL statements. I would like to see an example where I can combine SQL statements. If anyone can refer me to a good tutorial that teaches how to "combine" multiple-level SQL statements, or if you can give me an example of how I can combine them, I would greatly appreciate it. For clarification, I have summarized and scaled down what I am trying to do:

Tables & Fields (Simplified): [Athlete: AthID (Primary), FName, LName]Scores: 14Scores (14 fields, treated here as one field to simplify illustration), AthID (Foreign from Athlete table), DivID (Foreign from Division table)Division: DivID (Primary), DivName, MeetID (Foreign from Meet table)Meet: MeetID (Primary), MeetDate, MeetName
In other words, each Meet will have multiple Divisions, and each Division will have multiple Athletes/Scores[square brackets indicate no problems with this, pretty striaghtforward]
[sELECT Athlete.LName, Athlete.FName FROM Athlete WHERE Athlete.AthID = Request.Querystring("ID")]SELECT Scores.14Scores, Scores.DivID FROM Scores WHERE Scores.AthID = Request.Querystring("ID")SELECT Division.DivName, Division.MeetID FROM Division, Scores WHERE Division.DivID = Scores.DivIDSELECT Meet.MeetDate, Meet.MeetName FROM Meet, Division WHERE Meet.MeetID = Division.MeetID ORDER BY Meet.MeetDate DESC

Yielding (most recent Meet first):

[<h1>Athlete.FName Athlete.LName</h1>]<tr><td>Meet.MeetDate - Meet.MeetName</td><td>Division.DivName</td><td>Scores.14Scores</td></tr><tr><td>Meet.MeetDate - Meet.MeetName</td><td>Division.DivName</td><td>Scores.14Scores</td></tr>etc.

How do I combine all three SQL statements into one so I can sort the data by Meet Date, yet call the data by Athlete ID? Any insight you can give will be very much appreciated.

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