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CSS3 Transition displaying on page load as well as hover


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I'm trying to implement a CSS3 transition coded as follows:

section#splash_block nav ul li.user h3{	text-align: center;	padding-top: 20px;	padding-bottom: 20px;		-webkit-transition: padding-top 2s, padding-bottom 2s; /* Safari and Chrome - ignoring other browsers for the time being */	transition-property: padding-top, padding-bottom;	transition-duration: 2s, 2s;}section#splash_block nav ul li.user:hover h3{	padding-top: 8px;	padding-bottom: 8px;}

The transition works fine, except that the reverse displays when the page first loads. Obviously I only want this transition to show when hovering of the li but I don't know what I've done wrong.

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