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Extracting audio from facebook Video.


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Really good question.so i made this site for a friend.http://johnny-erhardt.host-ed.net/and on the media page. he has uploaded videos from both facebook and youtube. some of them aren't real video just captions. and ive been trying to figure out how to make a facebook video playlist. ive tried several websites but none allow facebook.ive been able to extract the audio from the video in the one Youtube video. but now how about 9 more facebook ones left. i havn't been able to get the facebook audio extracted from the video yet on even one of them.i am running a mac , but also have a PC. id love suggestions on how i can make the page look better. I have online wp playlist plugin. but need a way to extract audio from video. but just can't! ive tried a few ways to see processes and take the video and save that. but there's so much JS. and then it should have worked just getting the audio but when the file saves, its supposed to save as music.mp3 or something. but instead it saves as the page title and .php.htmlso id love help!don't be a stranger.

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