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How to retrieve data from DB just as the user typed in a form field..

Don E

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Hello everyone,I would like to know if there is a way, which there is but would like to know how to do it, where someone types into a form field textarea and submits the data to the mysql database, but when retrieving what they wrote, it comes out exactly as they wrote it in the form?For example, if they hit enter to make a new paragraph in the form when typing in a textarea input field, how can we retrieve what they wrote exactly as they intended it to be when they wrote it?I did some test runs and in the textarea input field, I used html tags like <p>,<b>,<ul>,<ol>, etc and came out exactly formatted from the database when retrieving. But the problem with this is, the user would have to know how to do this and most internet users are not aware of this.I appreciate any input on this. Thank you! :)

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