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Using variables in a hyperlink to specify a query


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Hi all.I'm creating this database manager, used for adding billing info to a database and asign components to them. It's became quite the dynamic page with frames, forms, loops (also used to create a dropdown box) and nested IF's. Now I'm writing a script to display all that info.So I have tables called bills, components and suppliers. My new page shows all billing info using a loop (even rows in blue, odd colors in yelow) but now I'd like to turn the bill reference number into a link to display all components asigned to that bill.The components table also contains the billing number, along with the component details, so I guess I have to create a hyperlink that contains the variable's value, linking to a script that fetches the info and makes a query to the components table in order to retrieve the component details.So let's see... the query to the billing table is something like this:

$query="SELECT * from BILLS";

The billing number is defined as $bnin (internal billing code) and printed using a familiar loop.The new script, which I need to link to, will have to make a query to components:

$query="SELECT * from COMPONENTS where BNIN=(output for $bnin)";

Any ideas anyone? This would be a great help.

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Never mind, I found a tutorial on propagating and retrieving variables. Well, actually it is a tutorial on sessions but it also shows how 'tiresome' it would be to propagate everything.

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