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So I've been digging around trying to find a software program that I can use to mine some basic information from a website. The short of it is, I've got a new job and will be managing several web sites. I need to get an idea how each of these sites link back anbd forth to each other or to other areas. And, I need to understand the myriad of server and client side technologies being used - a sort of detail summary of how many times a particular file extension is used in link or form.I've downloaded these two applications - both falling short of my requirements:GSiteCrawlerDRKSpiderAgain, basic requirements for a report/export:a.) a count and list of unique domains and sub-domains referencedb.) a count and list of file extension referenced throughout the site - a href, form action, document.location,etc.Anyone have any suggestions?

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Don't tell me... the sites are not with well formed XHTML, right? If they were, writing your own bot would be almost trivial (except the document.location... analyzing JavaScript originating code would ###### big time).

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That is funny - a corporate site done in well formatted [anything].lolMy analysis thus far has:

  • 2,328 pages (not that bad)
  • 523 web forms
  • 206 mailto references (which equals spam)
  • 75 server side mail functions
  • 2,484 orphaned files (lol - but understand that includes things like .htaccess 'cause not linked to)
  • 1,108 broken links
  • 8 public application integration points (where we use a vendor with an associated domain)
  • 11 private application integration points (where we use a vendor with an associated domain)
  • 2 databases with 34 tables between them

Needless to say, I wasn't expecting to see well-formatted pages - lol.

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