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Hi,I have a client who I've designed a website for. I Host their website and domain name on our own server. We have set-up an MX Record for this domain name too. Now I am no expert at all with mail servers but how does the MX records work?! ...When someone goes to that website I've developed and fills in the online form ... does the email go to my server, then to the MX record server, then to the recipients email client???Why I am asking this is because this particular client of mine cannot receive their websites form submission on their email client. I have checked on my server to see if the email is there .. and it is!! It seems like its not leaving my server to either the recipients email client or its not leaving to the MX record server ??I've tested my clients form with other email addresses of mine and I always receive the form submission on those email accounts / email clients. Which leaves me to believe it has got something to do with that particular domain names MX records?My client and I exchange emails on a daily basis BUT they cannot receive their websites form submission!!!Is it a problem on my servers side? or is it a problem on the MX record server's side?I hope I'm making sense here!Thanks guys!

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When a mail client sends an email, it looks up the MX record for the domain and sends the mail to the server that the MX record points to. If your web server is sending the mail to itself, then it thinks that it is the mail server for that domain, it's probably using its own set of DNS records. The fix is to either update the MX record on the web server with the correct IP, or get the web server to use the remote DNS server instead of its own.

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