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can anybody help me?it is an animal selecting system.if an user clicks their card on web, he or she will get one animal profile from our database.i do not know much about php. please help me know to make 'animal.php' in order to get match_cd and match_idx from the following scripts.images are in match_cd.birth, price, age, color and weight are in match_idx.( a.js )function openCard(objId, match_cd, match_idx) { arg="objId="+objId+"&match_cd="+match_cd+"&match_idx="+match_idx; sendRequest(on_animal,"&"+arg, "GET", 'animal.php', true, true);}function on_animal(oj){ try { result=decodeURIComponent(oj.responseText); if(result!='null') { rst = result.split('|||'); document.getElementById(rst[0]).innerHTML=rst[1]; } } catch(e) { result=oj.responseText; if(result!='null') { rst = result.split('|||'); document.getElementById(rst[0]).innerHTML=rst[1]; } }}function animalCard(objId, match_cd, match_idx) { arg="objId="+objId+"&match_cd="+match_cd+"&match_idx="+match_idx; sendRequest(on_animalCard,"&"+arg, "GET", 'animalCard.php', true, true);}function on_anymalCard(oj){ result=decodeURIComponent(oj.responseText); if(result!='') { rst = result.split('|||'); document.getElementById(rst[0]).innerHTML=rst[1]; }}function vw_profile(match_cd, match_idx){ window.open('/my_animal/profile.html?match_cd='+match_cd+'&match_idx='+match_idx , "profile","width=620, height=700, scrollbars=yes,resizable=no,copyhistory=no");}=======================================================<HTML><head></head><body>some content<script language=javascript src="js/a.js"></SCRIPT> <DIV id=card1><IMG style="CURSOR: pointer" onclick="animalCard(objId,match_cd,match_idx);"> <DIV id=card2></DIV><script>animalCard(objId,match_cd,match_idx);</SCRIPT>some content</BODY></HTML>

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