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file_get_contents() Functionality...?


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How come this will work...
<?phpecho file_get_contents('http://whatismyip.org/');?>

But this wont..?

<?phpecho file_get_contents('http://tinyurl.com/yardhc');?>

the tinyurl just forwards to http://whatismyip.org/why doesn't it follow through to the forwarded site to get its contents..?What else can i do to make it work using the tinyurl..?

That's because what tinyurl does is send a location header to the client which contains the URL that the client must redirec to. You would need to use cURL to read the response header and have your program use file_get_contents on the URL that's found in that header.
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Basically, file_get_contents() doesn't follow the redirect, like more advanced libraries such as cURL can.

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