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how can i check that the user is logged in on a webpage?currently i have this on the page you are directed to when you have successfully logged in:<? session_start();if(!session_is_registered(myusername)){header("location:login.php");}?>which immediately returns you to the login page which i think is because i changed session_register() to $_SESSION[] on the checklogin page, this is what i have now: $_SESSION['username'] = $myusername; $_SESSION['password'] = $mypassword;how do i check this? im thinking i need to change:session_is_registeredto something else? any help would be great

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You can check the value of a session variable just like you would any other variable.But putting session_start() at the beginning of a page, all session variables are accessible.

session_start();if(isset($_SESSION['username'])) {  echo $_SESSION['username'];}

Important: If you're setting session variables on a page that sends a location header, use session_write_close() right before sending the header or the values will not be saved.

session_write_close();header('Location: ---');

Explanation: Right after a script finishes running, the PHP engine save the session values. When you send a location header, the page may redirect before the script has time to finish executing and saving the session values.

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if you are working with the SESSION array, a way to check if they are _not_ there could be like this:

<? session_start();if(empty($_SESSION['username']) && empty($_SESSION['password'])){  header("location:login.php");}else{  //good to go};?>

this would be after validating that the username and password have been authenticated. I think typically one takes the login username/password, checks it against the database, and then just sets single $_SESSION variable to check on all pages, like so:

<?php  session_start();  //check POST/GET params against DB to authenticate user  //is it checks out, set a flag  $_SESSION['logged_in_user'] = true;  if($_SESSION['logged_in_user']){	//show the user the page  }else{	//else redirect back to login page  };?>

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