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Nested XSDs

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I've been putting together an XSD for my work. It was ridiculously long due to repeated basic information, so I thought I would make three base XSDs to include int eh main XSD...not to mention these will be re-useable on other XSDs I have to prepare. The issue I'm running into is this...int he Main XSD I come to a sectionI refer to another XSD..<xs:element type=B> (where B is the complexType referred to in B.xsd which already has the target namespace and is setup as an include above. This part works...under that I do a complexType and a sequence, because there are 2 XSDs that can be part of B within the Main XSD.so like this.

Main XSD	<xs:element name="Vehicle" type="Vehicles">		  <xs:complexType>				 <xs:sequence>					   <xs:element name="Passengers" type="Names" />					   <xs:element name="Address" type="Addresses" />				  </xs:sequence>			 </xs:complexType> 	 </xs:element>

the Main XSD could have multiple records with a Vehicle.Each Vehicle could have multiple passengers and addresses for those passengers.in Visual Studio 2008 I get an Warning on the 1st Element "Vehicle" that says"The type attribute cannot be present with either siimpleType or complexType."What is the deal? Any help is greatly appreciated. I try to fix and re-arrange things according to other things online, but i haven't found a case like this in particular. Each time I think i've fixed one warning, I get 4 more...it's almost cyclical.

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