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login and register system using xml (help)

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hiI am a web developer that been asked by a client to create a login and register system that uses XML to pulls data from a external server. i know hmtl, php and phpthe login and register system is for a loyalty card. i have already create the website. the client want the loyalty card holder to be able to go to the website click on the login button enter their card number and password then be taken to the next page that displays only their name, card number and points earned.the client was given a xml codes to choose from, what do they want to display and they choose to displays only loyalty card holder name, card number and points earned.that xml was given to them by the company that manages the loyalty card transactions. example of xml code:the code in code is the code that the client wants to pull outthis is only some of the code provided Account History <AccountHistory><standardHeader><requestId>string</requestId><localeId>string</localeId><systemId>string</systemId><clientId>string</clientId><locationId>string</locationId><terminalId>string</terminalId><terminalDateTime>string</terminalDateTime><initiatorType>string</initiatorType><initiatorId>string</initiatorId><initiatorPassword>string</initiatorPassword><externalId>string</externalId><batchId>string</batchId><batchReference>string</batchReference></standardHeader><account><accountId>string</accountId><pin>string</pin><entryType>string</entryType></account><report><type>string</type><minimumDate>string</minimumDate><maximumDate>string</maximumDate><offset>string</offset><maxRecords>string</maxRecords></report></AccountHistory><EOF>is it a good idea to follow this:Build a Login and Registration System with XML http://net.tutsplus.com/articles/news/buil...ystem-with-xml/please help thanks in advance

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