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[solved]Refresh parent window after closing the child window in XUL


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Hi Friends,I'm working on XUL, I have a window that opens another window. When the child window closes I want to refresh the contents of the parent.This is my first window(sundayevening.xul), which has a function to open the child window(iframetest.xul)

function edit(){var windowObjectReference = window.openDialog("chrome://hello/content/iframetest.xul","iframetest", "Height=600, width=1024,resizable,scrollbars=yes,status=1" );}var sURL = unescape(window.location.pathname); function refresh(){    window.location.href = sURL;}

This is my second xul file(iframetest.xul), here i have a button to close the this child window. When I close this child window, how can I refresh/reload the parent window(sundayevening.xul).In the second window, i use the following script:

function closeWindow() {window.close();refresh();}

My above code is not refreshing/reloading the parent window when i close the child window! Thanks for your support and help.

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