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Eclipse and databases

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Hello,I'm new to using (MySQL) databases through Eclipse, and would like to know how it's done.Currently I have my project for a windows application. It's fully written in Java. But to distribute the app, I'm using an executable wrapper that packs up the jar and necessary files into one exe, and then I rar it along with some gfx and sfx folders into one nice archive. The idea is that I further develop this windows application using a MySQL database (which I hereby want to start using), untill I port it to an applet for websites and then switch to an existing online MySQL server. If it is possible, I actually like to keep both windows distribution and website applet separately available using their own database when it comes to that.Because I'm having the (MySQL using) applet in mind, I think I should start with implementing a MySQL database. I'm not familiar with other DBMSs. But if there is a portable solution for another DBMS, please tell me.One of my questions would be, do I need to install the Connector/J to be able to use a MySQL database, or did the driver come bundled with Eclipse? As I just recently installed the Indigo version and got the Connector/J driver from mysql.org, but I don't know what to do with the latter. I researched myself, but can't find a simple answer. I know that NetBeans is bundled with these type4 drivers, so if Eclipse isn't, why not?So if I want to start using a database, keeping in mind it will eventually be redirected to an existing online one, what DBMS options do I have, should I use a bridge or not, what else do I need, and how do I do it? Please help :) Thanks,Jack

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