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Hi, newbie here who has been building the website for my company by trial and error over the last few years. I started our site a few years ago with 0 background/training in web design, but after quite a bit of learning by trial and error, do understand the basics.Question on the menu at this page : http://www.capandhitch.com/photo_gallery/default.htmlThe gallery selection menu at the top of the page does not display properly in mozilla or IE9 (even with compatibility on). Looks like it is supposed to on Chrome however. For somereason the background color and "blend" does not show up in IE or Firefox, just shows up as a black box with the text in it in the drop downs. Im sure its something in the code or something but dont know enough about how different browsers display differently. I use a cheap online tool to make the menus (css3 menu maker) which generates all the code/css sheets. Any ideas? Also, is there any easy way to add a "delay" in the menu if the mouse comes off the menu momentarily? I (and im sure whoever browses our photo gallery) find it annoying if the mouse "slips" off the menu for even a fraction of a second the menu collapses which in some of the catagorys that are 2 or 3 selections deep (like :towing products;traler hitches; then vehicle) become a pain to select. Thanks in advance!Jeff

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