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Hi AllI need help in the following code, I have a filter in a repeat recordset, the filter works fine for one record, "Image_all" is where the filter is, there are 2 records in that,1042260774, and -475803217.I need to display results for 1042260774 and -475803217. At the moment I am getting results for 1042260774 only but repeated by 2.Please have a look at my attempt to do this:<%While ((Repeat2__numRows <> 0) AND (NOT layout_loop.EOF)) Dim Image_allimage_all = (Layout_images_conn.Fields.Item("Image_all").Value)%><%png_images.Filter="PNGID='"&image_all&"'"%><p>image = <%=(png_images.Fields.Item("head_TX").Value)%><%png_images.Filter=""%> <% Repeat2__index=Repeat2__index+1 Repeat2__numRows=Repeat2__numRows-1 layout_loop.MoveNext()Wend%>I have to use repeat nesting to get this to work.

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