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http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_display.aspI wish this statistics of screen resolution users were included in general population. Of course, this includes that many people do not input survey questions. This is where I am little struggle with. I am trying to see how low vision or legal blind people have their screen settings on. I have to think about some even use "screen magnifier" (either software or hardware).For a long time, I insist with "font-size: 2em", now I am doing "font-size: 1.3em". Now that I am thinking, I should do "font-size: 100%" because each user would already have fonts settings to their likings.I haven't gotten into sans serif part yet...I don't want to start asking those people "what fonts you use" or "how to you read on your computer monitors"... Do you experience working with disabled people with reading font sizes? Could you express them for me in here. If you have a website about that, let me know too. I am not finding much in google.I already know about Deaf people don't care if there's "dolby sound" or "stereo", let alone any sounds at all. As for me, I just make sure there's stereo, then it's good enough for my work.Thank you.Chuck
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