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Issues with hiding elements

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function HideMenu {document.getElementById("Menu").style="visibility:hidden";}

When run it doesn't hide the element and the divider I am using had the id of Menu. I don't understand what's wrong. TIA.

Whenever ya don't understand what's going wrong, ya can of course go here and post ya question.But I'd also like to use some consoles to debug for yaself first to save time:Dreamweaver (can check invalid codes for ya automatically)Firefox console (Tools-Websole [ctrl+shift+k]) or go to Deirdre's Dad's profile page for more info of web consoleIE developer tool (IE-[F12])Or go to W3schools Tutorial to checkHTML DOM
FWIW, explore the different behavior caused bydisplay: none;
Glorfindel, for ya next step, ya may wanna explore that. That difference can be a good trick for using JS and HTML.HTML DOM: visibility Edited by Tin
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