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Hello,I am going through the book Dreamweaver 8 with ASP, ColdFusion, and PHP Training from the Source, which by the way I think is an excellent book for beginners who want to learn dynamic web development using Dreamweaver. The book includes a tutorial which is almost like a case study, where each chapter builds upon the previous chapters. So I'm stuck at a point in the book where a certain SQL statement is producing an error. However, I'm not sure if it's the SQL code, the PHP code, or possibly even Dreamweaver that's causing the error. So, if it is not a problem, I will post this question in the PHP forum also.Here is the SQL code:

SELECT * FROM tbl_tours INNER JOIN tbl_countryON tbl_country.countryID=tbl_tours.countryORDER BY tbl_country.countryName

Now, the book says that the following SQL code is the same as the above:

SELECT * FROM tbl_tours, tbl_countryWHERE tbl_country.countryID=tbl_tours.countryORDER BY tbl_country.countryName

But neither of them work. The PHP code is as follows:

<?php require_once('Connections/conn_newland.php'); ?><?phpmysql_select_db($database_conn_newland, $conn_newland);$query_rs_tourDetail = "SELECT * FROM tbl_tours INNER JOIN tbl_country ON tbl_country.countryID=tbl_tours.country ORDER BY tbl_country.countryName";$rs_tourDetail = mysql_query($query_rs_tourDetail, $conn_newland) or die(mysql_error());$row_rs_tourDetail = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_tourDetail);$totalRows_rs_tourDetail = mysql_num_rows($rs_tourDetail);?>

This PHP code is generated by Dreamweaver. I am very new to the PHP programming language.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,lugos

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