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strange Firefox 6 problem


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I do not know if you can help me or not but I have a weird and confusing problem.Let's take a html file I created for a friend as an example:http://www.sephardicgen.com/databases/Seph...sSrchFrmFR.htmlWhen that file is physically on my home computer and I open it in Firefox 6 the displayed base text font is the same size as it appears when I open the file in IE. BUT, if I view the uploaded file via the internet, via the above url, the font size displayed in Firefox for most of the text is strangely 2 points smaller that when that same url is opened in IE! I cannot figure out why? The file and CSS file are the same both on my PC and on the server. The difference in displayed font size only happens when viewed from the internet.Any help would be appreciated.

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