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RegEx - Turn Plain Text Into Links..?

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Im trying to make a greasemonkey scrip that turns all 4 digit numbers in plain text into a link on a site.I need some help with regex to find and replace all instances of plain text like this "___1234___" into links like<a href="http://site.com?ID=1234">1234</a> something like this, but not sure what the proper way to format it is to replace all the instances it finds..?var pattern = /___([0-9]{4})___/g;

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string.replace(regexp/substr,newstring) Will replace every instance it finds if you use a /g flag which you have. So just go str.replace(/___([0-9]{4})___/g, "<a href=\"http://site.com?ID=$1\">$1</a>"). Good luck!
Thanks, so how do I get it to replace the text on the webpage though?arn't I suppose to get the whole html into a variable or something to search through..what is the str representing..?
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It would help if you could say what the site is (I used to write GM scripts for 2 years). I'm guessing you're taking post id's? Well basically you take the element e.g. <p id="element">___1234___</p> var str = document.getElementById('element');str.innerHTML = str.innerHTML.replace(...);

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