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Pivot Chart And Pivot Table


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I am making a project using ASP. It is a simple project that extracts data from SQL 6.5 through a query and then displays it. But the catch is that it is supposed to be displayed in a tool called a Pivot Table and use Pivot Charts. This Pivot Table is like using Excel, but in a webpage. I have been using this tool: http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Controls/ASP/Pivot_Grid/ It is a very good tool and it almost meets all of the expectations. Almost, because the only problem it has is that it loads the data every time I make a change to the table. You see, my program extracts the field from SQL and then the user has the freedom to place the fields wherever he wants (data area, column area, row area). And every time the user moves a field to an area, the data reloads. At first, it did the whole process of executing the query and extracting the data. I changed that by creating a Session variable that is a Data Table and then, when the page was not IsPostBack, it loaded the data from the variable. It's faster, but not as efficient as it should be. I want a tool that you load the data once and it stays there. My limitations: I am using Visual Studio 2005 (C#) and SQL 6.5. So, anyone has any idea where I can get a tool like this? It doesn't have to be free.

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