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Hello,I have created an DB with some news, since i am reading this new from DB on a form <td>news</td> i have problem of setting the <td> to size of a row to only for 30 caraters and after that the <td> would colapse in to new row and so on. So what i am trying to do is that the <td> would be set to right leng for every row of a news. When i get the new on a form is always written out of the size i would like and the structure of the whole page is destroyed. So what to do? Please help me.Example:<!--First news--><tr> <td valign="top" class="text_1" style="width: 70px; height: 51px" colspan="0"><span class="text_2"><%=rs("date")%>-<%=rs("name")%></span><br><%=rs("description")%></td></tr> <!--line--><tr><td height="14" valign="top" style="width: 543px"><img src="slike/4ozadje.gif" height="1" style="width: 184px"></td></tr><!--Second news--><tr width="70px"> <td height="51" valign="top" class="text_1" style="width: 70px" colspan="0"><span class="text_2" ><%=rs("date")%>-<%=rs("name")%></span><br><%=rs("description")%></td></tr>thank you

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