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Help For Possible Xslt Code For Getting The Images

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Sorry for being a newbie but I badly need this code to run my project. I want to know any possible xslt code to output images. Here is my XML code:<?xml version="1.0"?><?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="sample.xslt"?><rental modTime="2011-08-30-15:02:54" status="current"><images><img id="a" modTime="2011-08-30-15:02:54" file="p2i4.jpg"/><img id="b" modTime="2011-08-30-15:02:54" file="p2i5.jpg"/><img id="c" modTime="2011-08-30-15:02:54" file="p2i6.jpg"/><img id="d" modTime="2011-08-30-15:02:54" file="p2i7.jpg"/><img id="e"/><img id="f"/><img id="g"/><img id="h"/><img id="i"/><img id="j"/><img id="k"/><img id="l"/><img id="m" modTime="2011-08-30-15:02:54" file="Photo/p2i3.jpg"/><img id="n"/><img id="o"/><img id="p"/><img id="q"/><img id="r"/><img id="s"/><img id="t"/><img id="u"/><img id="v"/><img id="w"/><img id="x"/><img id="y"/><img id="z"/></images></rental><name></name><creationDate></creationDate><author></author><copyright></copyright><authorEmail></authorEmail><authorUrl></authorUrl><version></version><description></description><files><filename>console.xml</filename><filename>p2i3.jpg</filename><filename>p2i4.jpg</filename><filename>p2i5.jpg</filename><filename>p2i6.jpg</filename><filename>p2i7.jpg</filename><filename>p3i8.jpg</filename><filename>p4i10.jpg</filename><filename>p4i9.jpg</filename><filename>p5i11.jpg</filename><filename>p5i12.jpg</filename><filename>console.xml</filename></files> Thank you in advance!

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The xslt is just rules on then to apply xml data into html code.

<xsl:template match="img"> <img alt="image" src="{@id}.jpg" /></xsl:template>

This match all img elements from your xml file and puts the id attribute as the name/path/src to the image you want to load.

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